A Little About Me

I am an educational blogger and curriculum developer with a passion for paper. I consider myself a "maker of things" and am constantly creating and designing something.

I began creating and selling digital teaching materials online several years ago and love sharing my ideas with other educators around the world. 

I started the Paper Shop as another outlet to channel my constant itch to create. I fancy myself an organized person - I don't always live up to that vision, but pretty paper goods sure do help!

My paper goods are designed with love with busy people in mind. Whether you are a teacher, a blogger, a creative entrepreneur, a parent, etc., these designs are made for you. 

Blair Turner Paper is truly a family affair! My custom designs are printed by my President of Printing - my dad, Steve Turner, owner of Creative Printing Services, Inc. in my hometown, St. Louis. From there, our paper goods travel to our studio in Massachusetts where I work with my Executive Czar of Shipping - my husband, Steve Brennan - to package your goodies and get them on their way to you. We love working together to make the world a little more organized, one piece of pretty paper at a time! (Side note: Yes. My dad and my husband are both named Steve. "Nope, Other Steve" is a commonly heard phrase at family dinners.)

Make sure to check back often to see what's new in store! Thanks so much for stopping by and learning a little more about the Blair Turner Paper Shop.

Happy Organizing!

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Blair Turner

Blair Turner

Let the world burn through you. Throw the prism light, white hot, on paper.
— Ray Bradbury